Secure & Powerful Web3 Wallet

100% Control of assets with private key self-custody
Manage various blockchain assets in one wallet
Safeguard your assets via diverse security features
CoinEx Wallet

Making it easier to use wallets

Store 1M+ crypto assets securely
Swap cross-chain cryptos at any time
Earn interest on idle assets easily
Manage multiple crypto wallets all in one
Keep track of crypto prices and other information
Access and enjoy trendy DApps

Comprehensive Support for Massive Cryptos

More than mainnet assets, such as BTC & ETH, and 1M+ tokens are supported.

Diverse functions to manage asset

Store multi-chain assets in one wallet
Enjoy advanced features such as Transaction Accelerator, Address Converter, and more
Multi-Chain Web3 Wallet with powerful features

Cross-chain Swap

Fast crypto swap through aggregated platforms.
Compatible on multiple chains, swap freely
No pending orders, execute instantly
DApp Explorer
Support DApps on ETH, CSC, BSC, and more popular blockchains
Present selected DeFi applications
Explore the Web3 ecosystem via wallet
Mainstream public chains supported
Earn profits by one-click staking
Resist against inflation to realize assets preservation and appreciation

3 Steps to Start Your Blockchain Journey

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02 Create Wallet
03 Deposit Cryptos