Multi-Cryptocurrency Management

CoinEx Wallet is dedicated to building a Web3 wallet that supports multiple blockchains. All you need is a CoinEx Wallet to manage all kinds of crypto assets.
We have already supported 53 blockchains and 1,000,000+ tokens, and will continue to support more cryptocurrencies to lead the Web3 multi-chain ecosystem.
If you have any recommendations, just feel free to let us know.

Cryptos supported by CoinEx Wallet

Support 53 coins & 1,000,000+ tokens
Manage Easily & Transfer Securely
Easy to Use Multi-chain Wallet
Manage multi-chain assets with one set of mnemonics
Quick Transfer with Biometric Recognition
Transfer safely and efficiently by fingerprint and facial recognition
Multi-Chain DID Services
Manage addresses and transfer with names on ENS, DAS, NNS, and more